Splish Splash Car Wash - Car Wash Lost My Car

Mount Laurel, New Jersey 0 comments
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The incompetence at this car wash is unfathomable.I waited for my vehicle inside the customer waiting area.

At about the 20 minute mark, I looked out the window in time to see my Mercedes 550E Coupe being driven off the premises down NASA Rd. 1. I immediately notified the owner's wife who, after talking with outside employees, told me that an employee thought my car was to be delivered to another location. I was told to "relax" when I expressed my agitation.

I should have turned around and shouted to all of the other customers that the management had just allowed my car to be drive away to a remote location. The owner's wife went to retrieve my car and drive it back.

Upon return I was simply told "We're sorry." No explanation, no "what can we do to make this up to you?", no "this has never happened before", no comp for the car wash.I should have trusted my instincts the first time I went to the Webster Splish Splash when it took 4 people to find reverse on a $100,000 Audi R8.

Review about: Incompetent Car Wash.

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